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KM 48 1/4 Chiriqui Grande Carretera, Boca Del Toro 00000
50 KM ( 35 mile) from the Costa Rican Border
Why Panama

Whether you are looking to buy a vacation home, retire in paradise, or are simply considering an investment property, a quick look at the benefits of choosing Panama makes the decision an easy one.

To bolster the country’s economic development, Panama has put incentives in place designed to attract foreign investment, including investment in real estate.

Although Panama has U.S. style infrastructure and the U.S. dollar as its official currency, the cost of living in Panama is a fraction of that in the U.S. – and, for that matter, virtually any developed nation in the world.

America has a long and enduring relationship with Panama dating back 100 years and the building of the Panama Canal. The U.S. and Panama remain strategic partners in the region. The two democratic countries share a common currency in the American dollar – a legacy of the U.S.’s significant presence in Panama over the past century.

Today, Panama City is a thriving, modern waterfront capital, among the most advanced in the hemisphere. Panama has a first-world infrastructure including a U.S.-style capital city with high speed Internet, top quality hotels, restaurants and shopping. The highway infrastructure, medical care, telecommunications and business services are excellent comparable to the U.S.

An international finance center, Panama is the second leading offshore banking and asset protection haven in the world, trailing only Switzerland. Major financial institutions from 35 countries from throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia have a presence in Panama.

As one of the world’s top offshore investment centers, Panama places no exchange controls or restrictions on the movement of money into or out of the country. It is legal and simple to form truly anonymous corporations in Panama.

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Bahia Lomas Marine SA KM 48 1/4 Chiriqui Grande Carretera, Boca Del Toro 00000 (941) 722-8475
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